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We are a family owned and operated business. Established 1991.

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Our Address

2833 West Avenue L
Quartz Hill • CA • 93536
Phone (661) 943-2424

Summer Hours

  • Monday11-9:30 PM
  • Tuesday11-9:30 PM
  • Wednesday11-9:30 PM
  • Thursday11-9:30 PM
  • Friday11-10 PM
  • Saturday11-10 PM
  • Sunday11-9:30 PM

Winter Hours

  • Monday11-9 PM
  • Tuesday11-9 PM
  • Wednesday11-9 PM
  • Thursday11-9 PM
  • Friday11-9 PM
  • Saturday11-9 PM
  • Sunday11-9 PM


If you are interested in employment opportunities at Vince's Pasta & Pizza, please visit: Careers